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Exploring the medical and scientific background of blood drinking
Investigation and Research Into Sanguinarians
Investigation and Research Into Sanguinarians
Biochemistry: How would amino acid or micronutrient changes cause the symptoms we are seeing?

Cytology/Gastroenterology: Are there changes at the cellular level? Is something different about our GI tract that prevents absorption of a nutrient?

Dermatology: Why the sun problem? What is wrong with our skin?

Endocrinology: A subset of biochemistry... what hormonal changes do we experience?

Genetics: Is it familial? Is there a mutation?

Immunology: Why are we seemingly more resistant to disease?

Microbiology: Is it infectious?

Neurology: Why does the lack of feeding induce the behavioral changes?

Ophthalmology: Why are our eyes so sensitive?

Pathology: What is the progression through life? How does it change? What are the initial symptoms?

Toxicology: Is it something in our environment that affects us differently then others?

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